Prosecutor: 'S-Town' figure pleads guilty to burglary, theft

In this photo Wednesday, May 3, 2017 photo, Tyler Goodson of the hit podcast "S-Town" stands at the grave of friend John B. McLemore, who is also featured in the serialized show. Dimes, rocks and trinkets have started showing up on McLemore's headstone since the podcast debuted. But residents of the rural area depicted in the show are uneasy with their community being portrayed as a lousy place best described with an expletive. (AP Photo/Jay Reeves)

An Alabama man featured in the hit podcast "S-Town" has pleaded guilty to criminal charges linked to events that occurred in the serial.

Bibb County District Attorney Michael Jackson says Tyler Goodson pleaded guilty Monday to a felony burglary charge and two misdemeanor counts of theft and criminal trespassing.

Jackson says Goodson will receive a 10-year suspended sentence and spend five years on probation under an agreement.

Neither Goodson nor a defense lawyer immediately returned messages seeking comment.

Goodson was named in a multi-count indictment alleging he took lumber, old vehicles and a laptop computer from the property of his friend John B. McLemore, the main character in "S-Town."

Jackson says Judge Don McMillan will hold a hearing later on whether Goodson has to pay restitution.

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