Protect your pipes during the cold weather


Michael Lucas, the owner of Hoover Plumbing said his business has received numerous calls of frozen pipes, but they are expecting more calls as the Mother Nature thaws the pipes, and they possibly rupture.

Lucas said the business receives steady business all year, but during the extreme cold, their business doubles and triples.

"We always try to get ready for when this happens because it's hard to go back and forth and get parts," Lucas said. "A pipe ruptures upstairs, it's potentially going to be like a sprinkler system in the whole house."

Lucas said if people are concerned about the pipes during the cold, one of the biggest things is knowing where the main water cutoff valve is. Lucas recommended turning it off when you are out of town. If you do not know where the valve is, the fire department can shut it off until repairs can be made. Lucas also recommended placing faucet covers on outside faucets to avoid windchill. You can also have cutoff valves installed, as well as letting the faucet farthest from the front of the house drip at night. Lastly, you can open the cabinets under the sink to bring some warm air to the pipes.

"It's a whole lot easier to make preparations for when cold weather than to call the insurance company to repair your entire house," Lucas said.

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