Protesters burn flags outside Hoover library


    Hours after Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshal said a Hoover Police Officer took justifiable action in a fatal mall shooting, protesters set fire to an American flag.

    The small group of protesters held up two flags which stated, “Black Lives Don’t Matter” before setting them on fire.


    Seventy-five days after a Hoover Police officer shot and killed Emantic Bradford Jr., Marshal’s office released its report and video of the Thanksgiving night shooting.

    The video shows Bradford, who was armed, shot dead by a police officer as shoppers ran from the area.

    The report was released Tuesday just before noon and Bradford’s parents were notified by representatives from Marshall’s office that the officer would not face any criminal charges.

    During a news conference, Bradford’s family and attorney encouraged civil protests while expressing anger towards the Attorney General’s findings and vowing to file a civil suit against the City of Hoover.

    Tuesday evening, a small group of protesters gathered outside the Hoover public library and set the two American flags on fire, vowing that more protests were on the way.

    Hoover Police Department officers watched on. No arrests were made.

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