Public to weigh in on development proposal near Oak Mountain Amphitheater


Thursday evening, the Pelham Planning Commission will hold a public hearing and vote on plans to build a 33- acre village type concept with apartments and restaurants.

The land is right across from the amphitheater and the Pelham Civic Complex.

Danny Tate's run the Pelham Civic Complex more than 20 years. All that time, he's looked across the street at the property filled with trees.

“It’s basically been sitting there,” Tate said. “People go hiking up there and things like that so to see the development happening right across the street is very exciting.”

A developer wants to use the 33 acres for a village type concept with restaurants, a brewery and 250 unit apartment complex.

“It’s just a great fit to try to create an entertainment district,” Tate said. “With us having the Bulls in the winter and with the amphitheater next door, having all the concert series, it’s just a great fit.”

For the development to happen, the Pelham Planning Commission would need to change the zoning from agricultural and institutional to allow for apartments and a commercial business district.

21- year old Tyler Barnett says it'd be nice to have more entertainment options, locally.

“I think that’s going to be fantastic because we just got the beer hog built up the road so breweries are real big here and I don’t see a reason why not,” Barnett said.

But more development means more traffic. While some have concerns, Tate and Barnett do not.

“We’re all used to amphitheater concert traffic and all that stuff so I don’t think it’d be worse than normal,” said Barnett.

“Not really worried about that,” said Tate. “Cause I think any growth like that, Pelham would participate and be prepared to handle it.”

If the Planning Commission approves the rezoning, the request moves on to Pelham City Council.

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