Ramsay High football team uses new practice field for first time thanks to alumni

The Ramsay High football added another first on Monday: a new practice field within feet of the school.

On Monday, October 16, 2017, The Ramsay High School football team was using something it didn't have on the way to its' 1st ever state championship: a practice field.

For years, the team was bussing over to Lawson State Community College for practice.

ABC 33/40's cameras were there when the team took the field for the first time and spoke to the men who made it all possible.

Back in may it looked like anything but a practice field. Now the glass has been replaced with green grass and the football team has a place to practice thanks to men who graduated from there 50 years ago. Barry Trippe is one of the men who helped make it a reality. Trippe told ABC 33/40, "Someone said well why don't we help out with the field." A suggestion some from the class of 1967, including Trippeand Larry Weygand, took to heart when the alumni saw the field five months earlier. "Old tires, rocks, glass. (It) kind of looked like an abandoned construction site."

The 2016 championship team never once stepped on this new field. Weygand said, "No question they worked harder, it took longer. Kids weren't getting home until 8, 8:30 at night."

After raising thousands of dollars, cleats could walk on the field for the first time. A moment these men were happy to watch.

Not only is there gratitude for their efforts, they have footballs given to them in their honor. "Now they are more on an equal footing," said Weygand. Trippe expressed similar amazement. "We were only going to give, when you get something back it's very gratifying," explained Trippe.

A gift they hoped pays off for years to come. A goalpost must still be added to the field.

The alumni said the boys will be able to now do simple things, like finish homework at a reasonable hour.

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