Recent car burglaries concern people who live, work in Homewood

Homewood Police are on high alert after a recent string of car burglaries.

Homewood Police are on high alert following a series of recent car burglaries in the city.

Most of the items were taken from unlocked cars. Though some believe these crimes will happen anywhere, Homewood Police are still amping up their efforts to put a stop to it.

More units are on patrol in Jefferson County neighborhoods and suburban roads. It was the increased police presence that allowed officers to spot a carjacking suspect, which led to a recent officer-involved shooting.

Clark Gully doesn't associate this type of crime with Homewood.

Gully told ABC 33/40, "[It's] scary...that kind of stuff is going on around here."

A man who wishes to remain anonymous said, "On my way to work, probably 1:30 in the morning, there was a young man and he had a clothes hanger. He was going to try and get into a car. I asked him, '[Are] you ok? Do you want me to call the police to help you?' He said, ' No I got this'. I proceeded and went on to work, called Homewood Police from there."

Gully works in Homewood and comes to Patriot Park often.

"I come over here and eat my lunch on most nice days like today," Gully said.

Now Gully won't even venture out to use the restroom until he's locked his doors.

"[I'll] definitely be more mindful of what I keep in my car."

Another first-time visitor to the park said it won't change how she lives.

She explained, "No I don't really believe in freaking out. I think as long as your car is locked and there's no valuables in it, people will realize it is not really worth their time to break in."

But Gully won't take any risks.

"Yeah sure, I think it can happen to anybody," said Gully.

Homewood Police ask that you call 911 if you see any suspicious behavior.

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