Recent rains will cause big mosquito problems

Spraying for mosquitoes

West Nile Virus is being found in mosquitoes across the country. The Alabama Department of Public Health says there has been one case of West Nile here this year and three investigations.

And there aren't just West Nile concerns with mosquitoes, there are Zika concerns too. The Alabama Department of Public Health says they've had 123 Zika investigations so far this year but only three cases.

Shane DeRossett, the owner of Marksman Professional Pest contorol says the mosquito population is high right now and with recent rains it will only get worse. "It's going to cause more breeding sites for mosquitoes and cause a lot more issues and a higher population as well as making it more difficult to complete the treatments and making them less effective when they're done. I mean it's weather resistant to an extent but if it gets rained on constantly it's going to wear out and we've got to go back out and re-service."

But there's also some steps you can take to keep mosquitoes away. DeRossett recommends, "at least once or twice a week go out in your yard empty out, make sure if you've got kiddie pools or things that are collecting water, tires, old buckets, anything in your yard that's collecting water you need to dump that out." He also says if your yard has a tendency to hold water you may want to re-landscape it to get rid of that problem. And he says, "trimming back any kind of foliage making sure you keep your yard cut down low. Trimming back your bushes. Mosquitoes don't like to be out in the daylight and active sunlight so during the day they're going to recess back into bushes and shrubs."

Mosquitoes can't fly far. Derossett says it's unlikely they'll fly over from your neighbors yard. That's why taking care of your yard is one of the most important factor in keeping mosquitoes away.

Derossett also recommends wearing mosquito repellent. He says don't just put it on your skin, put it on your clothes too. But do not put repellent on your pets, it's toxic to them.

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