Repair work continues in Cullman six months after hailstorm

Roof repairs continue Tuesday at a Cullman apartment complex. (Stephen Quinn |

The roofs in Cullman were still busy with workers on Tuesday. A handful of homeowners still live in campers in their lawns. Blue tarps still cover the Cullman County Jail. Next Wednesday will mark six months since severe weather pummeled the area with record-size hail.

Abby Thomas said she was lucky. The mother of two moved back into her home in June. Two of her neighbors are still living in campers while their homes are renovated. Other houses are still waiting for work to begin. Boards still fill the holes were windows once were.

"They all seem to be going through the little surprises that come along with having to renovate. I think they just are kind of like we are. At least they're home. It's not back to perfect but it's as normal as it can be now," said Thomas.

The Cullman County EMA reported at least 300 houses were damaged during the March storm. Cullman County was one of four counties which received federal disaster relief as a result of the storms.

"Most everybody's back in their home as far as I know and life goes on. As far as the county facilities we're still working insurance issues," said Cullman County EMA Director Phyllis Little.

Work had not begun to repair the damaged roof at the Cullman County Jail. Little said negotiations with the insurance company about a proper replacement was just part of the challenge. She said the county hoped to begin repairs at the jail 'soon' but acknowledged it could take a year to complete once they begin.

"There's a lot of coordination that's going to have to take place. You can't just move everybody to one side and fix something and move them back. There's a lot of security that's going to have to go on."

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