Roy Moore makes first public appearance since sexual misconduct allegations

Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore speaking at a Veterans Day event in Vestavia Hills.

Roy Moore, Alabama's Republican nominee for Senate, spoke at a Veterans Day event in Vestavia Hills Saturday morning. It was his first public appearance since a Washington Post story was published Thursday quoting women who said when they were teenagers and Moore was in his 30's, he pursued them.

Moore declined to answer reporters' questions but addressed the allegations during his speech. While most of his speech at the Mid Alabama Republican Club's Veterans Day program focused on veterans, Moore spent his last five minutes calling the allegations false and politically motivated. Moore called the Washington Post story an attack on his character and his reputation.

"These attacks involve a minor and are completely false and untrue," said Moore.

Moore questioned the timing of the allegations saying, "I've been investigated more than any other person in this country. To think that grown women would wait 40 years to come before right before an election to bring charges is actually unbelievable."

Moore is not facing any charges. The statute of limitations for these women to bring charges or file a civil complaint ran out decades ago.

An attorney for one of the women quoted in the Washington Post article responded to Moore's comments Saturday with a statement that reads in part, "He knows full well why these women did not tell what he did to them before this week. As young teenage girls in the late 1970's in a small, rural southern town they had no way of knowing their rights, especially against him, considering that he was a district attorney at the time."

In his speech Roy Moore called the story a political move but said it will not stop his campaign.

"We do not intend to let the Democrats, or establishment Republicans or anybody else behind this story stop this campaign." Moore went on to say, "We fully expect the people of Alabama to see through this charade and vote in the primary coming up."

After the Veterans Day Program ABC 33/40 spoke to Paul Reynolds, the Alabama Representative for the Republican National Committee. He said the allegations against Moore will have an impact on the special election but he does not think they should stop people from voting for Roy Moore.

"It has nothing to do with Judge Moore, it has everything to do with the way Judge Moore votes and it would have everything to do with the way the Democrats would vote."

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