Roads in East Alabama still icy, dangerous for travel

Drone view of East Alabama (

Some roads near two county lines have yet to thaw.

From Calhoun into Talladega County, Mother Nature is leaving her mark on roads - and on people like Tavious English who lives off Priebes Mill Road.

English says, "Stay warm, stay safe. Watch the ice."

It's the same warning as the one issued by two counties' emergency management agencies. Both have been announcing accidents and road closures, at times, affecting six cities at once.

"Some people get on the road and act like they ain't got no sense," explains English. "But most people drive now like they do."

Trucks could be seen skidding or sliding as their drivers tested their fortunes. One man ditched his four-wheel drive for an ATV.

"Got my truck stuck earlier so I just decided to take this," he says.

Shadows keep the sun from melting any ice, many roads impassable. This gentleman believes his ATV will make his journey worry-free.

He explains, "Hadn't been stuck so far and it holds a lot better than a vehicle would."

According to the City of Anniston, major roads are passable, but icy spots remain on secondary roads. Drivers should avoid Henry and Greenbrier roads if possible.

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