Sec. of State warns of ad claiming your voting record is public

Alabama's Secretary of State has warned the public about misinforming ads saying individual voting records are public.

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill’s office says they've received several reports of a targeted effort to misinform and confuse voters.

The ad claims Alabama individuals' voting records are public.

He says it absolutely is not.

The state doesn’t even keep records of an individual's political affiliation.

Many are worried of the impact their voting record could have on their businesses.

ABC 33/40 spoke with a woman who didn't want her identity revealed for this reason.

She said, “A lot of places would hold that against people.”

It's important for the public to understand, these claims are not true. Your voting record is private, so no one will be able to know how you cast your vote.

This inaccurate information could impact the voting system by discouraging people from exercising their right to take part in the electoral process.

Merrill’s office says they reached out to the people responsible for the ad, who responded by saying they would not change anything.

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