'She's a predator:' Bible teacher accused of sexual relationship with student

Stephanie Pruett, a Weaver High teacher, is charged with engaging in a sexual act with a student.

In East Alabama a Weaver High School teacher is accused of having sex with one of her students.

Stephanie Pruett, 28, is out of jail now and backlash is building over that suspected relationship. Parents say the behavior is unacceptable.

When a parent sends their child to Weaver High, they say they expect them to get an education and to be in a safe environment. But right now, some of those parents have a lot of questions, especially after the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office arrested Pruett on Thursday for being a school employee engaging in a sexual act with a student.

Amber Carroll, a mom who graduated in 2015, says this is a first for her.

"Very revolting. It turns my stomach," Carroll says.

The news comes a major surprise to most. Pruett was a first-year teacher. Principal Michael Allison says she was arrested after two students came forward about her relationship with a 17-year-old student.

As a mother of two young boys, Carroll couldn't believe it.

"With it being a female teacher there's no difference. She's still a predator in the same stance, she's still a grown woman. She knew right from wrong. She knew it was wrong to hook up with a minor regardless," she says.

Pruett taught history and a class on the Bible as literature.

Sharon Parris says this is not what should be going on in schools.

"I was shocked and also sad, that it happened around here. You know, you here of everything. I never thought it would happen here," explains Parris.

Principal Allison released this statement: "Wrong is wrong. She broke a trust. As a principal, I can't say how disappointed I am that she crossed that line that no teacher should cross."

Right now, she is still on paid administrative leave.

Pruett could serve up to 20 years in prison and have to register as a sex offender if she's found guilty.

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