Shoppers wait in line for Black Friday deals

Shoppers wait for Black Friday Deals (

Some stores are starting to open this evening offering Black Friday deals hours early to shoppers.

"I've been standing in line for about four and a half hours," said Luis Rodriguez.

"I've been standing in line for about two hours," said Brandon Ford.

"Ugh since about three this morning," said Cameron Dickey.

Countless hours spent braving the cold, for incredible deals to kick off holiday shopping.

"We went for this instead of the turkey at home," said Ana Duncan.

Most of the shoppers I talked to have their eyes set on a 50 inch Sony smart television, just under $200 at Best Buy.

"We decided if we have to wait 24 hours. I was prepared to come here and sit for 24 hours. I'm getting this TV come heck or high water," said William Ford.

"For this TV, in particular, it's probably the best deal. There are probably plenty of other electronics that I'm going to swing by. As of right now, this is a good place to start," said Rodriguez.

With some stores starting Black Friday sales the evening before, shoppers say this year they expect less pushing and shoving and more racking up on deals.

And if you just so happen to miss this great opportunity.

"Good Luck!" said Rodriguez

"Y'all better hurry. All the good stuff is going to be gone," said Dickey.

This is his first year participating in Black Friday and he's been planning this out for weeks. He says his family is spread out across the area and they have no plans to leave the stores until all of their Christmas shopping is complete.

"They're all spread out across Walker County, Cullman County. We're getting everything we need for Christmas in the next two days. We'll be a fool not to," said William.

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