Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at Jacksonville State accused of hazing, has charter revoked

JSU Sigma Phi Epsilon (

Shut down! The Sigma Phi Epsilon national chapter pulled the fraternity's charter at Jacksonville State University. The national chapter cites hazing as the main reason. The fraternity spent years on probation and some students aren't surprised.

The greek life at JSU is known to only a few, but Heather Carter has an idea.

"They party every Thursday and Friday night. There is underage drinking. It's the inverse of a brothel," said Carter.

Carter tells ABC 33/40 she's seen it.

One fraternity stands out. Sigma Phi Epsilon no longer exists at the university.

Its national chapter yanked the school chapter's charter after a couple of years of probation.

"I have no doubt in my mind they were continuing everything they had been on probation for including hazing. I have no concrete evidence as I am not in the fraternity, but I have not heard anything good," added Carter.

A spokesman for Sigma Phi Epsilon's national chapter confirms members of the fraternity at JSU learned of the decision earlier this month.

The national chapter acknowledges several concerns about student health and safety specifically hazing.

Grant Eason is part of another fraternity.

"It brings us all down. We all suffer from Sigma Phi Epsilon losing their chapter. Just from it not being four houses on the row anymore. There are three now," said Eason.

Eason points out some fraternity rules are broad, but understands all should be followed.

Caleb Lewis has no problem with national chapters of any fraternity stepping in to enforce rules.

"I think it is their job, as a national chapter, to do what they have to do to implement their core values on a university chapter level," said Lewis.

Sigma Phi Epsilon's national chapter is working with JSU to discuss a possible return date to campus.

JSU administrators plan to move the former fraternity members into other housing. The school is considering using the former Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house for another school-related organization.

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