Sipsey Valley High School to get new football helmets


With growing concern about brain damage caused by concussions, parents of football players at Sipsey Valley High School worry using old helmets won't keep the players safe.

It's why Carrie Dailey made it her mission to get new helmets for her son's team.

"Our number one is our boys, and the safety of our boys on the football field," Dailey said, "We love the game. But our main goal is to keep those boys safe."

Tuscaloosa County Commissioners Stan Acker and Reginald Murray agreed to split the cost. The school draws students from both districts one and four.

Murray said safety is his highest motivator.

"With the impact of concussions with our players, it's always good that the county commission can assist in helping parents protect their children while they go through their sports activities."

$4,000 of funding will put new helmets in the hands of football players this fall. Parents said the extra money would also be used for new uniforms.

"Our Sipsey Valley booster club motto is 'Small Community, Big Support,'" Dailey said.

It's the big support from the county Dailey said makes all the difference.

"It just warms my heart that anybody around here I go to, I don't ever hear a no. They try to make it happen for us."

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