Spanish professor says Puerto Ricans dealing with man made problems when Hurricanes hit

Debris from Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico Wednesday morning. Just after the Hurricane hit we spoke with a UAB Spanish Professor and students who feel connected to the island. Dr. John Maddox took a group of students to Puerto Rico in 2016 for a service learning trip. As the hurricane hit Dr. Maddox says, "people are looking for work, people are dealing with poverty so they are facing things that are man made problems and then to have two hurricanes in a row you can imagine how devastating that can be. Many people can't even leave their homes because of poverty.

UAB student Cayla Hamilton went on the service learning trip to Puerto Rico in 2016. She says she learned about how resourceful Puerto Ricans are. "They can go through this and they can do this but it's going to take a lot of work, obviously it could change the island a lot."

Abby Garver is also a UAB student. Her roommate is from Puerto Rico and his family is on the island now. Garver says the last contact they had with her roommates family was Tuesday night around 9 p.m. "I wish I could help and as soon as there are efforts to go there and it doesn't conflict with school I'll be there helping out anyway I can"

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