Spiritual community in Avondale looking to help, after 2-year-old died in gunfire Saturday

2-year-old dies in Avondale shooting

Birmingham Police detained four persons of interest in connection with the shooting death of a two-year-old in Avondale Saturday night.

Police Chief A.C. Roper says the investigation is ongoing. His detectives are meeting with the district attorney’s office to discuss possible charges for the four people detained.

Roper said he does have reason to believe gun fire came from both vehicles involved, and a person from both vehicles could be charged.

It's a tragedy that leaves the spiritual community in Avondale looking for ways to help.

“Lord, at times like this we don't have any appropriate words to say, so we just cry out to you Lord because we know you care,” prayed Pastor Dwight Castle with Redeemer Community Church.

Redeemer, a church in the heart of Avondale’s business district, is praying for the family experiencing an unimaginable loss.

At Monday morning's staff meeting, Castle said his team talked about the weekend shooting in their community.

“It was something we brought up as a real concern and something we wanted to not only pray for the family, but everyone involved- for the community and try to find ways to reach out to that family to extend some love and care to them,” said Castle.

The death of two-year-old Ron' Narrius Austin hit home for this pastor.

“I have a two-year-old little boy and so it's heartbreaking and you can't fathom what it would be like to walk through that type of pain and loss,” added Castle.

Birmingham police say Austin and his family were in a car Saturday night, blocks from this Chevron in Avondale.

Gun fire was exchanged between two vehicles. Baby Austin was hit in the head. His mother and the driver were also hit, but able to survive the exchange.

The tragedy leaves many wanting more value on human life.

Pastor Castle is calling for unity.

“For us, as a part of that, we obviously care because we believe everyone was made in the image of God and we want to preserve that and protect that,” said Castle.

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