St Clair Co homicide: Suspect commits suicide after warrant issued for his arrest

    Death investigation underway in St. Clair County ( & Posey family)


    Two young children lose their mother to a shooting just three days before Thanksgiving.

    Now her suspected killer is dead. Investigators in St. Clair County found 36 year old Barbara Posey's body in a home on Trails End Lane, near Leeds.

    Investigators located the suspect hours later. They say he shot himself to death during an attempted traffic stop.

    We can now confirm the relationship between Posey and the suspect, George Darrell Heath. Assistant Sheriff Billy Murry confirms they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Heath's father told ABC 33/40 he talked with his son, who told him the gun went off by accident.

    But, St. Clair County Sheriff's Office is calling this a murder.

    When they knew where Heath was, they worked with Haralson County Georgia and Cleburne County to find him just inside the state line. After they tried to stop him, that's when he shot and killed himself.

    Posey's family is now working to cope with her death. The coroner says she died from a single gun shot wound on the right side.

    “She was a wonderful mom,” said her cousin, Bettie McCloud. “She raised her own kids. She supported her own kids. They was A/B honor roll in school. How much more can you ask of a mother? Being a single parent raising your own kids is hard.”

    A 36-year-old mother of two young sons is described as fun, loving, outgoing, and wonderful woman by her family.

    “She was fun and loving,” said Posey. “I mean, she was just there. Everybody around here was welcome. She welcomed everybody And it being right here on the holidays too, it’ ain’t right. I mean her mother’s going to be missing her on the holidays.”

    The two boys will now live with their grandmother.

    George Heath (photo from St Clair County Sheriff's Office)

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