State Trooper feeds homeless man, kindness captured in cell phone picture

McDonalds on Morgan Road

A state trooper goes beyond the call of duty. A woman captured his act of kindness, then shared it on social media to thousands.

Every day, people go through the Bessemer McDonalds drive-thru on Morgan Road.

"He was in front of me, he ordered his food, he pulled over to a parking spot."

But, it's not every day Jenny Reed says you notice something unexpected. "I noticed him get out of the car, walk around to the back holding food and a drink and open his back passenger door and a homeless man got out with bags of stuff."

Reed became emotional and posted a picture on social media. "I told him, I saw what you just did and that was absolutely amazing. I told him he was a hero."

Trooper Justin O'Neal.. doesn't see it that way. "As a trooper - our main job is to save lives and protect property, but as a christian and as a human being that's just the right thing to do." He was driving Interstate 59 when he stopped to check on the man walking to North Carolina.

O'Neal says, "He said he was hungry, I asked him when the last time he had eaten he told me about 3 days ago." Trooper O'Neal drove 15 miles before they stopped. "I hate to see anyone go hungry, so I pulled into the McDonalds and asked him what he wanted and he wanted a quarter pounder with cheese combo meal."

Reed says, "I pray that someone else helps him along the way and I pray he made it to where he was trying to get." O'Neal says law enforcement all across the country do things like this every day. "And somebody just happened to notice me doing. I hate to leave anybody, but I know he was safe, he was off the interstate, he a belly full of food."

It's a deed, Reed says she just couldn't let go unseen.

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