Landfill expansion may leave thousands with contaminated water, flooding

    Stinky expansion could leave thousands with contaminated water, flooding (WBMA)

    Some people in the Trussville area say Birmingham's plan to expand a landfill is foul and could stir up health problems.

    Dan Bayse is president of the Magnolia Place Homeowner's Association. He says the Birmingham landfill behind his neighborhood stinks.

    "The stench could gag a maggot," says Bayse.

    Magnolia Place neighbors have been worrying for a while about runoff and possible contamination due to a potential expansion.

    "I just don't think that's a good place to put the cell. I also don't think they should be allowed to build a new one until they've taken care of the damage of the old one," says Bayse.

    Bayse's homeowners association is suing the city of Birmingham over damages from the existing landfill. Now, the city of Trussville is taking action.

    "We have filed, with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, protest letters and public comment period, saying that we don't think the expansion should be granted," says Jef Freeman, president of Trussville City Council.

    If the expansion is done in an area north of the existing landfill, downtown Trussville could flood and the drinking water of over 37,000 people could be contaminated, documents filed by the Cahaba River Society show.

    Freeman says the window for public comment on the project has come and gone.

    "We want to be a good neighbor to Birmingham, but we want to be a good neighbor to Argo, Moody, and Centerpoint, and we think there's other places the trash could be dumped besides on our entrance," says Freeman.

    As for Bayse and Magnolia Place...

    "We're waiting for a court date now," says Bayse.

    ABC 33/40 reached out to the City of Birmingham this afternoon and didn't hear back. Dan Bayse and Trussville City Council members say they have not heard back from Birmingham yet.

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