Stolen street signs costing county money


One form of vandalism is costing one cash-strapped county, and it may impact how drivers get around.

"I think it's wrong. I really do," Gaye Scoles, a Walker County resident said.

Walker County leaders tell us thieves have been nabbing county road signs for a couple of months. The signs cost about $100 to replace.

According to Walker County Commission Chairman Jerry Bishop, the signs are made out of aluminum metal.

"Well I think people are on drugs so much now that they're stealing them and getting them for scrap iron and stuff like that," Scoles mentioned.

Other locals say they're bothered by the money spent to replace the signs.

"Maybe [the thieves] don't realize how much money it does cost to replace them and that it is affecting someone," Jodi O'Neil said, " it may not be affecting them, but it is affecting someone."

Commissioner Bishop says the lack of street signs could have an impact on first responders trying to get to emergencies.

Bishop also says the county commission wants to make the issue known. However, when it comes to dealing with the thieves, the commission plans to leave that up to local law enforcement.

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