Suit claims Mountain Brook Schools favors boys athletics over girls


Two Mountain Brook parents are seeking declaratory and injunctive relief for Title IX violations.

Christopher Cole's and Jacqueline Austin-Trucks' lawsuit claims Mountain Brook Schools receives federal funding and illegally and intentionally denied their 16-year-old daughter equal treatment and benefits in comparison to the boys.

In the suit, filed in federal court, they compiled a list of eight areas where they believe there was inequality on the field.

Funding, equipment, locker rooms and facilities, are among the disparities cited in the document.

The suit states Mountain Brook Schools spends more outside funding on boys athletics than girls. It says boys freshman, JV and varsity teams are funded, while only varsity is funded for girls. Also, the suit claims the school system supplies boys with requisite equipment, but girls have to buy some of their own.

Locker rooms are another issue taken up, as the plaintiffs say the boys have wooden lockers and carpet in contrast to the girls' aged metal lockers and industrial tile. Lastly, there is no restroom or running water in the girls locker room.

In a statement to ABC 33/40 News, Superintendent of Schools Dicky Barlow said:

"Our school system takes pride in the accomplishments of its female athletes, who have earned 106 out of our 164 statewide championships. that success does not stop us from constantly reviewing how we can improve our programs. such is the case with our softball program. we will continue, as we always do, to look for ways to assure this program, as with all our programs, meets the needs of our students."

Please see the lawsuit in its entirety below:

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