Suspect in car break-ins holds victim at gunpoint, police say


Police say a West Alabama break-in spree turned very dangerous over the weekend.

Michael Tyler Lemley is charged with robbery in the first degree and breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. He was booked into the Tuscaloosa County Jail on bonds totaling $70,000.

"I feel violated," Victim Doreena Mink said.

Mink was one of at least three victims of the late-night car break-ins. She was right inside her home, as police said Lemley went through the center console, taking off with some cash.

"My glove box was open, the center console was open, and everything in there was strewn out," Mink said, "People like this, they don't stop at these petty crimes like stealing thirty dollars. Eventually it's going to turn into something that's not going to be good."

Police said Lemley's next stop was a house on Kanora Drive. The family there said the suspect took off in their truck, holding the owner at gunpoint when he was confronted.

"It not only makes us angry, it makes us disappointed," Brookwood Resident Darlene Richardson said.

Richardson runs a well-known neighborhood watch page. She said everyone should get to know the people living next door.

"They [neighbors] know us and we converse. It's a wonderful thing," Richardson said, "Because it's our responsibility as someone's neighbor to keep them safe if we see something out of the ordinary."

Brookwood Police said this is their first interaction with Lemley, but he has a long criminal record in Tuscaloosa County. They told ABC 33/40 more charges could follow as the investigation continues.

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