Teams for Troops brings home team to veterans

A local organization is bringing care packages to troops overseas, featuring their favorite sports teams memorabilia.

A local nonprofit is celebrating Veterans Day, while giving back to those who serve. Teams for Troops provides care packages with not just food, and toiletries, but also swag from the troops' favorite sports teams.

Through donations, Teams for Troops is able to put together care packages to send to men and women overseas. On this Veterans Day, you have an opportunity to contribute.

Lieutenant Jordan Thompson says donations have helped the organization hit the ground running. "Donations of friends, and friends of friends, donating the merchandise," Thompson explains. "Additionally with funds that we raise, we purchase merchandise and toiletries that we don't get donated to us."

On Veterans Day, beginning at 9:00 p.m. Teams for Troops will be at Innisfree in the Lakeview district. The group will also be at Innisfree and Rounders in Tuscaloosa. There will be a series of drink specials, with the proceeds going toward Teams for Troops.

Thompson says the money also goes toward traumatic brain injury research. He encourages people to give what they can.

For more information click here.

You can also visit the Teams for Troops Facebook page about the Veterans Day parties in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.

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