12 hospitalized after tent collapse at Traditions Park

    (Andrew Donley | abc3340.com)

    Twelve people were hospitalized after a tent collapsed at a shareholder's event at Traditions Park in Hayden Thursday night. Three were injured seriously, sheriff's deputies say.

    Four hundred people were under the tent when it came crashing down, some ducking under tables for cover. Those who required hospitalization sustained head and back injuries, but they were alert when crews arrived to the scene.

    The West Blount County fire chief believes the incident might have been caused by a storm that moved through the area following a NWS-issued Significant Weather Advisory. According to the Sheriff's Operations Commander Tim Kent, the situation is under control.

    "This is more of a freak accident because of that pop-up storm. [It] just came out of nowhere. As far as our investigation...we're just assessing patients," the fire chief said.

    A company hired by Traditions Bank will be assessing the damage in a follow-up report.

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