Big movie productions on the Magic City's mind


For some time Birmingham city leaders have pushed for the movie industry to make a home in Birmingham.

The mayor and the City of Birmingham are excited to have a small part in the film industry. They believe bringing big movie productions to the Magic City will not only attract more people to visit, but be a huge economic boost.

"We're not Hollywood, we're not Bollywood, we're not Dollywood, but we are Birmingham," said Don Lupo with the mayor's office.

It's one of the most desired industries that many cities love to have.

"We're having a great time entertaining these people that are coming literally from all over the country to use our architecture, use our streets, to take advantage of the beauty of the city of Birmingham," said Lupo.

Right now, the action movie "Live” starring Aaron Eckhart is being filmed in downtown Birmingham.

The scenes may look chaotic, but to Hollywood directors, it's simply amazing.

"I talked to the director George Galloway last week and he was bubbling over about Birmingham, Alabama and how great Birmingham is going to look in this movie," said Lupo.

The Alabama film office has $20 million dollars each year it can offer as incentives to production companies doing business in the state. Lupo says with the production of "Live" they are already reaping the benefits.

"It's like 9,000 times 25. So, it's big money for our restaurants, our bars. It's great to have full hotels. It's great to go to restaurants and maybe have to wait a while because we are doing business," said Lupo.

Local barbershop owner Quincy Moore agrees.

"Sometimes they stop in to get a haircut. So that's good for me," said Moore.

A Birmingham city spokesperson says they have already matched the number of productions from 2017, just five months into 2018. The estimated total combined budget for projects shot in the Birmingham area from 2016-2017 is $18 to $20 million.

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