'The Lord took care of me:' Suspect tied up 96 year-old woman in home invasion


An elderly woman was tied up, threatened with a knife, and robbed on Mother's Day while she was home alone.

"By the time I got to the door, he was already around and in the house," The 96 year-old woman said. "He came over and closed the door, and then he said 'I want your money.'"

Within half an hour, the man tied her up, claimed he had a knife, and got away with just $20 in cash.

"He put me in the closet in the back bedroom and closed the door," she said.

Tuscaloosa Police Captain Brad Mason doesn't believe the suspect knew his victim, but said the nature of the crime should put everyone on high alert.

"It's always more concerning when someone enters a home when someone's there," Mason said, "Because they know they're going to make contact with somebody, and that takes a lot more of a chance to be aggressive or some kind of injury or something like that to occur."

The woman said she was only scared of getting hurt for a moment, her quick wit and a prayer holding her together.

"I love the Lord and he took care of me," she said, "Twice while that guy had me, I said, 'Lord, help me,' and he sure did."

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