Thieves stealing Christmas spirit in Jefferson County neighborhood

Stoney Sharp reports.

Thieves in Midfield are attempting to steal the Christmas spirit in one neighborhood.

Midfield Police report eight break-ins in two weeks.

Joycelyn Ray lives in that neighborhood on Carol Circle.

Thieves snatched televisions, cell phones, cash, clothes and a camera from her home.

Wednesday, Ray had an alarm system installed inside her house.

According to police, security cameras and motion activated alarms best deter such crimes.

"We actually have surveillance cameras. They snatched the cameras out of the wall. We were able to see there were at least two people," Ray said.

The surveillance video is being processed by a security company. Fingerprints were also collected at the scene.

Midfield police arrested a 21-year-old man they believe may be connected to some of the crimes. The police investigation continues.

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