Thousands of Tuscaloosa residents push for extended, weekend bus routes


Thousands in Tuscaloosa are petitioning the city for weekend bus routes and extended hours.

Mary Allen collected at least 2,500 signatures from people who said they are forced to walk home from work or are inconvenienced without weekend bus routes.

Allen walks home at night, because the buses stop running early.

"I know a lot of people get off at six and seven in the evening, and they say they have no means of transportation and they have to walk home," Allen said, "It's not right for a city as big as Tuscaloosa."

Working the weekend is even more challenging, when buses don't run at all. It's why Allen decided to petition city leaders for change.

"She has been a true advocate of saying, 'You ride public transportation? You're one of us,'" District Seven Councilwoman Sonya McKinstry said.

Next week, the city finance committee will discuss what extending hours and adding new routes will cost. It's been about one year in the making, but Allen said she is not giving up.

"I'm glad I got it started and I'm not going to stop," Allen said, "I tell everybody, Rosa Parks did not give her seat up and Mary Allen is going to take her seat on the first Saturday bus ride in Tuscaloosa, Alabama."

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