Tibetan Buddhist Monk creating artwork at the Birmingham Museum of Art

Tenzin Deshek creates a sand mandala at the Birmingham Museum of Art

A Tibetan Buddhist monk who lives here in Alabama believes right now what the world needs is more compassion.

Tenzin Deshek is creating a sand mandala at the Birmingham Museum of Art that represents the Buddha compassion.

Sand mandalas are a form of Buddhist art that Deshek says has been around for thousands of years. It's created by hand with just sand and some small tools.

Deshek says he hopes people learn compassion, peace, and non-violence. "There's so many external beautiful art but internal the good heart is most important thing. I always say be a good person a warm hearted person because that is important," says Deshek

On April 15th a dissolution ceremony will happen and the sand mandala will be swept away. Deshek says this represents the notion that nothing is permanent in this world.

That ceremony will take place at 4 p.m. at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

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