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Tipflation hitting consumers who ask where do you draw the line on tipping?

Consumers being asked to tip more in more places. (WBMA)
Consumers being asked to tip more in more places. (WBMA)
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Tip or skip? The latest tipping trends have consumer pushing back in some areas.

We all know its important to tip waiters, bartenders and the washroom helpers. They get paid well below minimum wage. In some cases that's as low as $2.13 an hour. Tips are expected to make up the difference.

But chances are you have started to notice more tip jars and more subtle requests for tips in other places you may not have expected. Where do you draw the line?

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Now with more businesses moving to the cashless I-pads the pressure to tip may have you feeling a little uneasy, even guilty.

We spoke with a tip expert to get her take on what's acceptable with inflation hitting hard.

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