'Tis the season to cast a vote: Moore, Jones to square off in historic election

Roy Moore and Doug Jones will face off in a historic election Tuesday.

Whether you're a Doug Jones or Roy Moore supporter, anyone can agree: this is going to be a tight race.

To no surprise, both men campaigned from dusk until dawn and into the night on the eve of the special election.

As the candidates make their final push, questions remain on the future of Alabama politics.

Will the red state vote blue - or stick to Republican party lines?

Accusations against Republican candidate Roy Moore have tightened the race, but hard-line religious conservatives are sticking by him. For Jones to win, it will take a big voter turnout. Many cite Jones' pro-choice stance as a major pitfall.

'Tis the season to cast a ballot.

13 days before Christmas, Alabama is front and center for one of the most-watched elections in state history. ABC 33/40 spoke to likely voters less than 12 hours before voting centers open.

Charles Barkley spoke tonight at Jones' rally in Birmingham, calling the situation "unbelievable."

Barkley told the audience, "If someone sent you this as a movie script, you would toss it in the trash."

But do voters always try to learn more about their candidates? One woman doesn't think so.

"Ultimately people don't dig deeper because it's not ultimately part of the culture here.," said Claire Petitt.

Maani Kamal says she's basing her vote primarily off a single issue: health care.

"I'm hoping to be in health care in the future," said Kamal. "Health care is something that is on my mind."

Jones is asking people in Alabama to be on 'the right side of history:' "Say that it is time that we put our state, our decency, before political party."

Moore has used his remaining time to promote 'draining the swamp' in the nation's capital.

Moore told his crowd in South Alabama, "This election is for the people of Alabama. We dare defend our rights and we will defend our rights."

Polls open at 7 A.M. As long as you're in line by 7 P.M. you'll be able to cast your vote for the Senate seat.

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