'Too scared to sleep:' 83-year old robbed five times thinks he is being followed

Theodore Etheridge, 83, says he has been robbed five times and thinks he is being followed.

An elderly man says he has been robbed at gunpoint five times in the last year.

He believes someone may be following him. ABC 33/40 spoke with him about what keeps happening.

We also looked into what you can do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Theodore Etheridge, 83, says he's been robbed so much he lays awake at night.

Etheridge says, "Man I'm too scared to even get a good night's sleep."

The first happened at his old Roebuck home.

"When I got out of the truck, that's when he pulled the gun on me," he says.

Someone in a mask stole $2,500. Etheridge says he was targeted twice more at that home.

Etheridge was robbed again by a woman at his Etheridge Brothers BarberShop near Legion Field. He says it left him and his wife Betty in fear so badly that it took away their peace of mind.

"Oh yeah they took a whole lot, and that's not easy," he explains.

Two days ago Etheridge was robbed outside his new home in Clay. A man in a mask popped out from the side of his home.

"It's real bad because that's why we moved to get out from around that environment, but it still didn't stop."

ABC 33/40 reached out to Birmingham Police Detectives about four of the cases, but they do not have any updates.

His daughter Dayartra Etheridge wants it to stop.

She says, "To repeatedly rob him at gunpoint. It's despicable, it's despicable."

Etheridge believes the person who robbed him at home may have been following him.

So ABC 33/40 asked police investigators what people should do if they're being followed.

Their advice: if you're leaving work, don't go straight home. You don't want someone to follow you to exactly where you live. You can also make four right turns, which brings you in a circle. When on the interstate exit then immediately get back on.

Call 911 if you feel your life is being threatened. Stay on the phone until the operator ensures law enforcement is on the way.

Another idea, is to make sure to drive to a well-lit, heavily populated area where people can see you. Or drive to a police or fire station for help.

The family says the Jefferson County Sheriff's office is investigating the last robbery.

His daughter says to help the family is offering a $2,500-$3,000 reward.

Note: In the video attached to this story, ABC 33/40 incorrectly learned from family that the first robbery occurred in 2016, but Birmingham Police says this robbery, along with three others, occurred in 2017.

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