Trussville doctor offers alternative therapy for thyroid problems

Trussville doctor offers alternative therapy for thyroid problems

Problems with weight, mood and energy could also all point to one small gland.

When the thyroid gland goes awry-- it's not alone.

One Trussville doctor offers a different approach to help the thyroid gland and other organs function properly again.

Adjusting the spine... Chiropractor, Dr. Channing King tells us while working, "Just working nerve pressure from the brain out; the nerves to the thyroid down to other organs and glands."

...and getting the body and brain in balance-- are essential to functional care of thyroid patients at King Family Chiropractic.

King has specialty training in Functional Neurology and Metabolic Care for organs and glands.

He treats people with chronic conditions including complicated symptoms related to the small thyroid gland that is located in the front of the neck.

It secretes hormones throughout the body.

King says, "A lot of time people they have symptoms because you have thyroid cell receptors in every part of your body. It could be the pituitary gland; it could be the adrenal gland.

So, King checks to see how the whole body is working.

Thyroid patient, Madelyn Harbison says, "I was very severely fatigue, brittle hair, skin dry, nails brittle.

Plus, trouble sleeping and depression. Some of the symptoms, of an under-active thyroid gland, that 57 year old, Madelyn Harbison started having last year.

Harbison says, "I went to another doctor thinking it was hormonal with my age. My T.S.H. was 13.2 and I have the lab work to show that."

Harbison's March, 2015 lab work also shows, the normal T.S.H. or thyroid stimulating hormone level range should be no higher than 4.5.

Dr. King says the thyroid alone may not be the problem.

He says, "A lot of them have memory issues, focus concentration, depression, constipation and a huge one is the hair is thinning or falling out, or dryness. So, if you have those symptoms a lot of times your immune system can be involved."

Dr. Kings says elevated thyroid antibodies also indicate an auto immune system problem. Blood work revealed Harbison's thyroid antibodies hit a high 172.

Dr. King recommended specific supplements and a little bottle of remedy drops which is known as Field Control therapy.

The drops are to help the specific, troubled organ function properly again.

Harbison says, "I do the drops every hour for one day, skip two days, then every hour in secession."

After six months, the results of new blood tests were in.

Harbison says, "My T.S.H went down to 1.9 after doing nothing; but, using the drops. Harbison's antibodies dramatically dropped from 172 to nine.

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