Tuscaloosa Air Show draws crowd despite cold, windy weather


The Tuscaloosa Air Show kicked off Sunday after being canceled Saturday due to severe weather conditions. Despite turning into a cold and very windy day, the weather didn't stop the crowds from coming.

Karen Axley drove from Florence to see her son, a Navy pilot, fly a T-45.

"I'm very thankful for those who serve. [I'm] proud of my son for being in the military, and I'm very proud of all the boys and girls who are in the military."

Gary Powers Jr. attended with the Civil Air Patrol. His father was a pilot, shot down in the Cold War.

"Freedom is not free. It's up to the brave men and women in our military to protect our rights at home. I'm honored to help represent them and honor the Cold war veterans we have, and give them the recognition they deserve," Powers said, "Oftentimes, it's a thankless job, but they deserve all of our thanks wholeheartedly."

This is the City's 9th time holding the air show.

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