Tuscaloosa residents complain about dangerous sidewalk conditions


People living in Tuscaloosa are fed up over the condition of the sidewalks, filing work orders with hopes city leaders will do something to fix it.

One resident is calling the situation just plain dangerous, especially for someone who is disabled.

"There's no way they'd be able to get through. They'd have to go around and find somewhere else. There are places where sidewalks end in curbs, where it's three or four inches between the sidewalk and road," A resident said, "I don't know how anyone in a wheelchair would be able to get around those spaces, elderly folks or anyone with disabilities."

Director of Infrastructure and Public Services Jarrod Milligan said the cost to fix the sidewalks could be up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Milligan said that's part of the reason for the hold-up.

"If it's not safe to cross in an area, you shouldn't do that, or if it's not well lit, you probably should avoid that area at night," Milligan said.

If you spot a sidewalk with an immediate trip hazard or ADA issue, you can file a report by calling Tuscaloosa 311.

"They really promote the active lifestyle and people walking around the downtown area, it being a great place to live, but they don't have the money, or they're not using the money to fix the sidewalks."

Milligan said a list of projects to improve sidewalk conditions downtown have been proposed to the city council. So far two on the list have passed.

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