Tuscaloosa shooting leaves two injured


    Tuscaloosa Police are investigating after two gunshot victims were dropped off at DCH Wednesday afternoon.

    Officers were initially told the shooting happened at University Mall, then were told it occurred at the Walmart on Skyland Blvd. Authorities spoke with people at both locations but could not find any evidence the shooting happened at either location.

    One victim then told investigators the shooting happened at Hargrove Road E and Skyland Blvd. when a man approached on foot and began shooting into their vehicle. The other victim said they were shot on Skyland Blvd. when a black SUB pulled up next to them and opened fire.

    Again, investigators searched both areas and still could not find evidence of a shooting at either location.

    The person who dropped the victims off left before officers arrived at the hospital.

    Police say neither victims’ injuries are considered life-threatening.

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