UA releases statement on media coverage of events surrounding student's death

The University of Alabama's statement on media coverage of the events surrounding Megan Rondini's death

The University of Alabama released the following statement on Friday, June 23rd, regarding media coverage of the events surrounding Megan Rondini's death:

The University of Alabama has been deeply saddened by the death of Megan Rondini, and we continue to offer our sympathy to her friends and family.

Information published by news outlets this week has unfortunately ignored some significant facts. When Megan went to the hospital, a University advocate met her at the hospital to provide support and stayed with her throughout the examination process. Megan also received information from University representatives regarding services available to her on campus, including counseling through the University’s Women & Gender Resource Center. When she sought counseling and her first therapist identified a potential conflict as defined by her professional obligations, Megan was immediately introduced to another therapist, who provided care and support. Additionally, the UA Title IX Office was in contact with Megan, including offering academic accommodations and helping to streamline her withdrawal when Megan elected to return to Texas.

Because the reported incident occurred off-campus, the University’s police department was not involved in the formal criminal investigation.

We hope these recent news accounts, which do not tell the full story, will not discourage others from reporting sexual assault or seeking help and support.

The University of Alabama released this statement following a story published on Buzzfeed that detailed Rondini's experience with Tuscaloosa Police, the university, and a local hospital, following her alleged rape. About a year after her alleged assault in February 2016, Rondini died by suicide.

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