Vestavia Hills coyote trapping criticized by PETA email campaign

File photo (Courtesy: USMC)

A PETA campaign urges Vestavia Hills to abandon the use of coyote traps. The city initiated the three-week trapping program after recording increased coyote sightings and complaints from residents.

According to Vestavia Hills City Manager Jeff Downes, the city has received hundreds of emails condemning the trapping program after PETA asked supporters to "urge Vestavia Hills’ mayor and city council to scrap this cruel initiative".

The PETA web article claims the city's trapping initiatives are lethal and 100 percent ineffective.

Jeff Downes considers PETA's claims misguided. Downes tells ABC 33/40 News the city trapping program has been productive and the traps are non-lethal. Downes said he is sensitive to what PETA has to say, but the city does not believe PETA is aware of what's going on in Vestavia Hills.

The PETA web article shows a file photograph of a healthy coyote. Downes sent ABC 33/40 News a photo of a coyote trapped in Vestavia Hills with Sarcoptic mange.

According to Downes, 14 coyotes have been trapped in the three-week pilot period. City leaders will evaluate the method once the trapping program ends this week.

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