Vestavia Hills High School's new branding, logos released

Knight Eady has announced the new branding for Vestavia Hills High School. (Knight Eady)

Update: The Vestavia Hills Board of Education approved the new branding on May 18th without opposition.


Knight Eady, a sports marketing and event operations group in Birmingham, unveiled the new branding for Vestavia Hills High School to students and faculty Friday morning.

Knight Eady said it spent over 300 hours on the branding project, which includes new official logos for the school and its sports programs, as well as primary and secondary markings. The school's official colors remained the same.

"The new institutional logo provides a modern appearance that positions the Vestavia Hills High School brand to remain relevant in the present and future," Knight Eady said in a release.

"The activities mark gives a nod at the iconic lettering of varsity athletics and is deeply rooted in the marks historically used by the school. This version is built on a strong foundation from the equity that has developed from decades of achievement in not just athletics, but all school sponsored organizations."

Longtime Rebels football coach Buddy Anderson was the inspiration behind the new slogan -- "You play one Rebel you play us all."

"This saying has become an iconic message for all Vestavia Hills High School students, faculty, staff and alumni and has long been used by the school with pride," said Knight Eady, which plans to work with school leaders on brand implementation and marketing through December.

"After the Board of Education meeting on May 18, Knight Eady will also consult on trademarking and licensing the new marks," the company said.

You can see the complete branding brook and style guide below.

PDF: Vestavia Hills High School Branding via Knight Eady

For a complete branding breakdown, visit

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