Victim of random shooting asks for answers, Birmingham Police Chief responds

    Victim of random shooting asks for answers, Birmingham Police Chief responds (WBMA)

    More victims are at home with questions after Thursday, questions about why they were randomly shot at and who did it.

    There are three recent random shootings that have yet to be solved, one on Old Springville Road and a fatal one in which the victim ended up dying at Birmingham's East Precinct.

    The most recent random shooting happened Wednesday night in Homewood.

    ABC 33/40 spoke with some of the victims and asked Birmingham’s police chief some of their questions.

    Several of the victims say they haven't felt any closure and want to know where the investigations stand. One victim whose husband was shot in the head while driving on the interstate in August says she and her husband try not to come to Birmingham if they don't have to. The couple lives in Jasper.

    “I just don’t understand how you can’t have any answers,” says Dakoda Mauldin.

    She and her husband were leaving Birmingham to head back to Jasper when the shooting happened.

    “I was covered in blood and I looked to Marcus and he was holding on to the steering wheel, but his head was just kind of bobbing around and I could see half of the bullet hanging out of his head and that’s when I realized he had been shot,” says Mauldin.

    Since then, she tries not to come back, but has to for doctors appointments. Her husband had to come back to several neurology appointments.

    “I don’t feel safe at all,” she says.

    Because of that feeling, she has questions.

    “If they’re doing all they can, we don’t know that, because they’re not saying anything,” says Mauldin.

    ABC 33/40 asked some of those questions, and Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith answered. The first question: What can be said about so many unsolved homicides and shootings in Birmingham? And how do you combat them?

    “We make sure that we’re representing that family, that victim, and we’re doing everything that we can to resolve any crime that occurs in this city. We have to do a whole lot more, and we plan to do that,” says Smith.

    Smith also offers a message to victims like the Mauldins and others on where to go from here.

    “We need open dialogue with people who have been victims of crime. We have to do everything that we can to investigate it, and we have to make sure that we’re bringing those people to justice so that it doesn’t happen to someone else," he says.

    One thing that connects the random shootings, a dark colored sedan. Something else they have in common, the victims and their families will never be the same.

    The chief says all they have to work with right now is the vehicle involved is a dark or black Nissan Altima, but if you have additional information you're asked to contact police.

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