Video shows shooting on The Strip in Tuscaloosa

Stoney Sharp reports.

New cell phone video shows a man being shot on The Strip in Tuscaloosa.

The victim was wounded in the lower back and is in intensive care.

The cell phone video was filmed by Jon Adams, a former University of Alabama student.

Adams said he thought he was filming a fight, until he saw the suspect reach into a car and pull out a gun. Once the shot was fired, Adams and his friends ran in the opposite direction.

The video is being used as evidence in the case.

"I filled out a statement. They put me in a police car with my fraternity brothers and we went down and met with the homicide detective," Adams explained.

Tamarkus Ikner was charged with attempted murder in the shooting. Police said Tamarkus' brother, Kenneth Ikner, was in the getaway car and faces first degree assault.

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