VIDEO: USPS employee tosses package containing child's gift


A careless Christmas gift delivery was caught on camera and the Jefferson County homeowner it happened to is upset.

The man who released the video to ABC 33/40 was unable to go on camera but says he filed a complaint against the postal worker.

He says he understands that everyone has a bad day but wishes it wasn’t taken out on his children. Inside the box was their fragile Christmas gift.

We caught up with a few people shipping packages for the holidays and showed them the video.

Sherri Abercrombie and Lynn Allen, who were both shipping gifts for Christmas, call postal worker's actions disappointing.

"I would not want my package delivered like that, I can't believe they did that," said Allen.

"[It's] kind of sad that they don't care about people who took time to buy a present for someone, and they don't care enough to take care of it," said Abercrombie.

Samuel Self, another USPS customer, offered a unique take on the video.

"I worked for the postal service for 38 years before I retired; we didn't do that. That is not the way we were trained back then, and I'm sorry to see that type of thing happen," said Self.

Even though he's retired, seeing someone treat the job like that was difficult. He even apologized for this man's actions.

"That's a bad reflection on the postal service, and I'm sorry because we had a lot of pride in what we did," said Self.

Thankfully, nothing was broken, other than the trust of the postal workers who deliver their gifts.

We called and emailed USPS, and as of Monday evening, we have yet to hear back.

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