'She meant something to everybody:' Classmates remember school shooting victim

Courtlin Arrington was just shy of her 18th birthday when she died in a fatal school shooting (Photo courtesy of De'Carlos Bates).

A red balloon and roses silently fluttered in the wind in front of Huffman High School Thursday.

School was cancelled, but classmates returned to pay tribute to the 17-year-old senior who lost her life in a shooting on campus.

Courtlin Arrington was killed and a teen boy was injured in Wednesday's shooting. A person of interest has been taken into police custody.

Those who knew the aspiring nurse describe her as a loving spirit with a smile that that lit up the room.

“Courtlin was one of the last people on my mind to expect to be in an incident like this," classmate De'Carlos Bates said.

Students said they are still having a tough time coming to grips with what happened. They said there will not be a day where she is not remembered.

"Walking into Huffman will not be the same, knowing that Courtlin won’t be there," Bates said.

“Courtlin meant something to everybody and not just one person," classmate Jada Lanier said. "She meant something to everybody from Huffman to her home. It’s not over. We’re going to hang in there for everything she said she was going to do, we’re going to do it for her. She’s still in our prayers, and she’s still with us, even if she is not with us visibly, but spiritually and mentally Courtlin is still there at our school, and she will graduate.”

Monday, classmates are planning to hold a balloon release in Arrington's honor. They say the balloons will be her favorite color: purple.

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