Waltzing Around Obstacles


Daniel Chaplin is a clerical assistant at a Birmingham law firm but as much as he loves his job, his true passion is ballroom dancing. In his five years of dancing, Daniel has won several competitions and doesn't want to stop until he lands a spot on "Dancing with the Stars".

Did we mention Daniel has Downs Syndrome? What might be viewed as an obstacle to some is what drives Daniel to do his best.

He won't tell you much about himself without you really digging - but dig.

You'll see just how much of an impact he is on those around him.

Life has put some obstacles in Danie’ls way, but he's learned how to Cha-Cha around them.

One of them he says is "overcoming the down syndrome obstacle."

One of his passions is his work at a law firm in downtown Birmingham, where every day he takes people their mail, cleans dishes and inspires.

His other passion:

"My biggest passion is ballroom dancing," said Daniel Chaplin.

He's been doing it for five years now and has even won a handful of competitions.

ABC 33/40 asked "are your parents proud of you?

"They're so proud," said Daniel Chaplin.

It all started with, you guessed it.

"When I saw the very first season of dancing with the stars," said Daniel Chaplin.

Chaplin was struck.

"Wow it was amazing," said Daniel Chaplin.

And then, he got his big chance and made it on to the stage at the Dancing With The Stars tour.

Now, he wants back on that stage.

But if he can’t, he says he's just happy dancing and bringing inspiration to the people around him.

Daniel’s family had a trip planned to L.A. for the week of the Dancing With The Stars finale, so we called on ABC for some help with getting tickets for Daniel to the big show… They came through.

Daniels mother says it’s his dream come true. CLICK HERE to see what happened next.

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