WATCH: 2nd I-59/20 bridge demolition signifies progress says ALDOT spokesman

    Photo of I-59/20 bridge before demolition. (Courtesy: Patrick Thomas)

    Just like that, the 59-20 bridge construction enters a new phase in Downtown Birmingham.

    Early Sunday morning work crews blew up the ramp from the Red Mountain Expressway to Interstate 59-20 Southbound and ABC 33/40 cameras captured it.

    The live bridge demolition is a big step in the I 59-20 bridge replacement process after three straight weekends of ramp and road closures.

    "Overall it's going quite well. Primarily the contractor has been demoing the existing bridge. The weekends we have closed the roads he's been able to finish his work on time and get the roads open early," says ALDOT Engineer DeJarvis Leonard.

    The implosion wipes out the remaining ramp portion from the expressway.

    Leonard says moving more than 160,000 daily vehicles onto other routes has been safe and smooth.

    "I think it's because the drivers have taken heed to the information we've given them. We want to thank the motorists for their cooperation and taking alternate routes," Leonard says.

    Leonard says everything is on time and going according to plan. He says the biggest thing right now is making sure crews on the ground have everything they need to make progress in any weather condition.

    "Be patient. Be sure to plan your trip and leave early so they can get to their destination on time," he says.

    Only the off ramp on 25th street will be open this coming week according to Leonard.

    ALDOT engineers say the on ramp will stay closed while they finish some construction and another demolition project.

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