WATCH: Car blows past stopped Alabama school bus

(Patrick Thomas |

Parents are demanding action to protect students after a video captured a car whizzing past a stopped school bus in Alabaster.

The video was taken just days after three Indiana siblings lost their lives while trying to board a school bus.

Alabaster Police Lieutenant Daniel Goodwin says it happened on 1st Avenue West near Navejo Pines Drive.

Alabaster mother Rebecca Brasher Boothe shared the video with ABC 33/40, which she says was taken just as students were about to get off the bus.

"I was terrified. My mother-in-law sent me that video while I was at work and I immediately started shaking."

It's only shaking up Boothe. Other Alabaster parents and citizens have been outspoken about the incident.

"They need to be aware, there are kids everywhere. I don't want to go to a funeral," says a local man.

Parents tell ABC 33/40's Patrick Thomas they want to know if going forward, cameras will be installed.

"I've tried screaming and yelling at drivers. I mean, the only option we have left is putting cameras on the buses so that there is some type of consequence for these drivers," an exasperated Boothe believes.

Lt. Goodwin says officers are trying to locate the person in the video. For Boothe, the person's identity cannot be revealed soon enough.

"If the bus driver would not have stopped her from going down those steps, she would have gotten hit. She would have gotten killed on Halloween," Boothe says.

Lt. Goodwin told ABC 33/40 the driver faces a $150 traffic citation

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