WATCH: Security cameras catch creeper 'casing' home after one-word clue

    Security cameras catch a creeper thanks to a one-word clue says a homeowner. (Courtesy: Corbitt Chandler)

    A potential break-in is busted because a homeowner says he saw the signs that he was being targeted and took action.

    Corbitt Chandler says the weirdness of it caught his attention and that truth can feel stranger than fiction.

    So he turned to his community and learned it was anything but an innocent prank.

    Chandler says he wouldn't have the surveillance system that captured a man walking up to his home on Tuesday morning if he hadn't a one-word note Sunday morning outside his front door.

    “The fact that the piece of paper said 'gold' on it that’s a little bit on the nose right," says Chandler.

    His wife told him the same note was in the mailbox the week before.

    So he turned to Facebook and learned someone is casing the house to steal some of their belongings.

    "We got pretty freaked out," Chandler says.

    So Monday he installed cameras, changed his daily workout routine and put his wife's car in the garage.

    “The thing that i was most afraid of is protecting my family," he says.

    And boom...Tuesday morning at 5:42 A.M. he get a notification on his phone while he's in the basement working out.

    He told ABC 33/40 he immediately ran upstairs and told his wife to call 911. While his wife is making the call the man he caught on camera knocked on the door.

    "The fact that I need to protect my two little girls and my wife was the scariest feeling of my entire life,” he says.

    Chandler says the man told him his car was broken but Hoover Police officers disagreed.

    Investigators told Chandler the man doesn't own a car.

    Chandler says he's thankful it ended like it did.

    “It is the best $500 I have ever spent. On the other hand just changing our routine and being home because that would have only done so much," says Chandler.

    I also talked to neighbors today who say they've seen the same man mowing lawns in the area.

    Police say it's always a good idea to say something if you see something that doesn't feel right.

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