Water rushes into Hoover backyards and floods homes during Saturday storm

Flooding in Hoover backyard

"It was a waterfall and pretty much a river," says Paul Perry describing his back yard Saturday night. "It was moving pretty rapid and it came up pretty fast."

Perry says for 30 minutes water rushed over a retaining wall in his backyard and came into his house. "Little scary, the kids were freaking out."

The water had stopped rushing into his yard by 7 p.m. Saturday but not before damaging his kids swing set and leaving a trail of debris.

Next door the water broke a fence. Greg Williams' parents live next door to Perry. He says a blocked pipe behind his parents fence forced the water into their yard and it flowed into Perry's. "Basically the water just couldn't go anywhere else but through our yard and eventually into our house, it's flooded just about every room," says Williams, "there's supposed to be a post holding up this fence I think a 2x4, That's just gone."

Williams parents weren't home at the time, but their dogs were. "My parents thought 'hey it's not raining so bad earlier today why don't we leave the dogs in the backyard' and I don't think that would have ended well." The dogs were instead left in the laundry room but that flooded with about an inch of water.

Williams parents and the Perry's are doing what they can to dry out their homes. And the neighborhood is also pitching in. Perry says, "we got the video and my wife posted it on social media and we had 20,25,30 responses of 'what can we bring?' so we have enough box fans to dry the responded to help us solve whatever problems are coming up."

Both families have filed claims with their insurance companies. They are now waiting for a damage assessment.

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