Who is responsible for removing political signs from your community?


You see them just about everywhere.

They're bunched up on street corners, even intruding in your neighborhood.

We're talking about political signs, eyesores that sometimes seem like they're here to stay.

Hoover City Council member Mike Shaw says that's not so.

"By ordinance the city can collect them and bill it back to the campaign," said Shaw.

Although there's something that might hold them back.

"I think you run into a lot of enforceable problems with that for one thing there are first amendment issues with regulating political speech," said Shaw.

So it's really up to the candidate to take care of their own mess.

Helena and Pelham both have ordinances more strict than Hoover, that do not allow signs on right-of-ways.

Jefferson County requires approval by the Planning and Zoning Board before any signs are put out.

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